"Find Joy in the Journey"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Morning

The kids got up to the jelly bean trail left by the Easter bunny which they love to follow...then on to the search for their "baskets." Italians don't have Easter baskets in their traditions so we use Huge white mixing bowls. They also don't have egg hunts! I know crazy right! My kids are going to love having a real Easter in the states our first year staying home. But one tradition we do love is the HUGE chocolate eggs they have here during Easter! We saw one that was big enough it had a bike in it!!! They are huge! The kids each got one that had a toy cased inside. Jace got a water gun and Amari a charm bracelet. Their new Jordan flips stole the show though!


We had such a nice relaxing Easter weekend. We were going to try to make a trip since Trent had 3 days off but then Jace had a game on one of the days so we decided to just hangout and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having. We helped the kids color eggs which is not an Italian tradition but thankfully my mom sent us a care package! And had to add one pic of Trent showing what he thought of the early Easter morning wakeup before the kids came down...love ya babe!

March Madness Winner

Amari pulled off the upset and reclaimed her title as the March Madness Queen! Jace thought he had it up until the last round. She had so much fun having us all do her chores, draw for her, or make her fav meals. One thing we all enjoyed was that she requested Nutella crepes! WE LOVE THEM!!!


In February we had the most amazing thing happen here in Italy! It Snowed! I don't mean just a little it was like 3 days of nonstop snow! We missed having any snow at home for Christmas so this was heaven for my kids! They played in our garden area having multiple snowball fights and building a huge snowman with Trent. It was a record storm and the first snow that actually stuck that we had ever seen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holiday Tourney

Trent had one whole week home for Christmas this year! He took time out of his busy schedule to take Jace's team to the holiday tournament down in Salt Lake. From one court to the next...They ended up winning the tournament and all the boys had a great time! I love watching Trent work with the boys, he is so good with them and has so much to teach them. Jace loved having his dad be there! Well worth it!

Christmas Day

We usually spend the day at my parents house with all my siblings and their families. It is a fun time to just be with each other eating of course and playing games that never get out of hand!!! This year was especially special for Jace because he got his own fly fishing pole so now he can go when the big boys go fishing! And bonus for Trent he won't have to just paddle around anymore letting Jace fish off his pole!


We love coming home for Christmas. We have spent Christmas's in Italy before and love the simplicity it brings, but without a doubt there is something about being in your own home and seeing family and friends that makes it that much more special. We also have a Elf that does tricky pranks for the kids to find every morning! He toilet papered our tree this year and the kids loved it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Cox Family

We spent Christmas Eve this year with the Cox side of my family and had a fantastic time!!! It was so good to see family at that time of year...especially family that we just normally see in the summer. My grandpa is so funny and so easy to love! He and my grandma have made a great BIG family tree of people that are so fun to be with! PS Love the picture of Jace just chillin in the chair! So him!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Leaves

I love the fall colors! I took the kids to the park one day to enjoy playing in the leaves. Love these two, they make life so much fun!


We had Halloween this year Italia style...Trent had a game, so we had carved pumpkins and made treats the night before. The kids have never had a real Halloween back home, so they don't totally comprehend what they are missing yet. But for right now, I enjoy making the best and keeping my family close!

1st day of School

I can't believe I have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader! They grow up way too fast!!!

Dance Recital

Amari had her dance recital this fall. She loved dancing with Studio 48!